In order to promote Russian products abroad, the Russian Export Center (REC) developed the "Made in Russia" brand. A critical component of the "Made in Russia" program will be a voluntary certification system that will involve verification of a supplier’s trustworthiness as well as an inspection of goods planned for export. Our company has been given official status as "Russian Exporter" and is allowed to use the "Made in Russia" mark on all of our products. We are delighted to be one of the first companies in Russia to be officially recognized in this capacity.
Receiving our certification at the TASS news agency, Moscow 20/09/2017

"This is a unique instance whereupon a development institution’s strategy has been approved at the level of the Government of the Russian Federation. This underscores the crucial role that the state has allocated to developing non-commodity exports"

Petr Fradkov - Head of the REC Group


"In order to establish a strong reputation, it is vital that Russian products offer impeccable quality. That is why the labeling we have developed will only appear on goods that have undergone the appropriate verification procedure."

Vera Podguzova - REC’s director of external communications

Russian Export Center
Russian Style

For questions regarding the placement of the sign Made in Russia, contact: Evgenia Novikova, the certification process coordinator.